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13 April, 2018

Cooking A Delicious Turmeric Garlic Onion Grilled Chicken

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So just inform you guys a little bit about my life. I own a really… REALLY Old grill that is rusted and crippled, but magically still happens to work perfectly. Not knowing how it still has life and keeps on kicking, I’m grateful it does because it allows me to keep on cooking with it and creating some delicious foods.

Seasoning and Flavoring The Chicken

So I decided to grill some chicken breasts, but not just any regular chicken breast I seasoned them with some turmeric, garlic, onion, and black pepper.  Smothering and massaging the chicken breasts was a fun and messy task.

By the time that I had finished massaging and seasoning the chicken breasts my hand were as yellow as big bird! Obviously due to the turmeric and me not using gloves because I don’t own any. Nonetheless, it was still a fun and important task.

Marinating Chicken Turmeric Garlic Onion

Preparing The Grill

After cleaning myself up I was ready to start grilling the chicken. I rubbed a small amount of oil on the grill so it could be smooth and the chicken wouldn’t stick to it. then  I fired up the grill and let it get hot for a little bit. Once the grill was hot enough it was to throw the chicken on.


Vibing While Grilling The Chicken

After I threw the chicken on the grill I was monitoring it constantly to ensure it was still juicy and cooked just right. In the meantime, I blasted some tunes to keep the vibe on check. I was listening to Krewella! –One of my all-time favorite Dj artist ever- I was listening to “Fortune (feat Diskord)” from their latest album New World Pt. 1.

Grilling Cooking Fire

As I was jamming out absorbing all the lovely wonderful smell of the chicken cooking I flipped it over and it looked wonderful. Finishing the cooking process I was taking the chicken off the grill.

It looked amazing so juicy and tender, perfectly cooked. I set it to the side while I finished cooking the rest of the chicken. After I finished grilling all my chicken the best part was yet to come. It was time to plate it and eat it or how I like to describe it. DEVOUR IT!


Designing The Plate

I had prepared some white fluffy juicy rice beforehand so I put some of it on the plate. Then I placed a bed of spinach next to it. Then I placed the perfectly grilled chicken on top of the bed of spinach. The presentation was astonishing.

It looked so beautiful and majestic I couldn’t believe how it came out. I literally fell in love with it.

Finished Plate Spinach Delicious Yummy

Devouring Time!

First off I had to clean up after myself and put everything back in order. –you know me I hate having a mess and everything disorganized for a long period of time it irks me!-

After everything was all set and done. The time finally came! It was time to sit down and enjoy my beautiful creation. I grabbed my knife and fork sliced a piece of the chicken, I stabbed a couple of spinach leaves, I scooped some rice and shoved the whole fork into my mouth! –no, I didn’t swallow the fork!-

Slowly chewing everything savoring and tasting all the flavors in my mouth, it felt like a leprechaun was throwing rainbows in my mouth. It was DELICIOUS. So tender, so smooth, everything cooked just right.


A delicious and healthy meal! If you are interested in trying out yourself let me know send me a message and I could post the recipe I used online so you could experience this amazingness and enjoy it too.

And then you could brag it off to your friends and family and share it with them so they can too enjoy a wonderfully grilled chicken.


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