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18 April, 2018

How I Grilled My Corn On The Cob

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One easy simple delicious food to make and you can get creative with is corn.  You could add any herbs and spices or sauces to the corn and if you let it marinate and absorb all the ingredients it will enhance the flavor tremendously.

Today I was inspired to grill some corn on the cob.

Being able to devour some food without using any utensils is probably the best activity you could ever indulge in. Having all the ingredients and juices slip down your fingers and being covered by it is life changing.

It’s like being a baby again.

Messy baby

(I know the baby isn’t eating corn, but when I saw this picture it looked adorable and I fell in love with it)

But okay enough of that let me demonstrate you what I did to create this masterpiece.

Seasoning The Corn

I like to season the corn before and after its done cooking. I don’t know why, but I just seem to enjoy it more like that.

The ingredients I used

  • Butter
  • Cayenne
  • Sage
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Cumin
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Cilantro

A quick fact you should be aware of. This whole process can get messy, but that is recommended to be able to create the best product.

The very first ingredient I add is butter. I put a generous amount on the corn and then smothered the whole corn covering it nicely.

After I sprinkled the herbs and spices and cover the corn generously. I decided to also sprinkle the parmesan cheese before I grilled it just to so it can be cheesier.

And to top it off I sprinkled some fresh cilantro all over it.

Grilled Corn

After the corn was nicely covered with all the spices I wrapped it in aluminum foil and got it ready to put it on the grill.

I leave it on the grill for a good amount of time so it could get well toasted. Making sure it gets nice and crispy.

Once I checked it out and made sure the corn was cooked thoroughly, well toasted, and crispy. I removed it from the grill.

Grilled Corn

Once you have finished grilling your corn its time to enjoy it and start eating it.

Make sure you add some more parmesan cheese and cilantro and go to town with your corn. Have some napkins or paper towels ready because it might get messy.

Let me know how do you like to season your corn on the cob with.

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