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6 June, 2018

Lemon Pepper Chicken Veggie Wrap With Sweet Mash

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Why I Love Wraps

I believe wraps and burritos or anything rolled up is completely delicious.

Being able to eat a whole lot of different food items all bundled up in one place is like biting a piece of a deliciously soft cotton candy cloud.

It’s a complete magical glorious moment.

You get to experience and savor all of these delicious mixtures of flavors in your mouths making your mouth have a party and make yourself drool everywhere.

That’s why I love eating wraps so much it’s a magnificent thing.

That’s why I decided to create my own wrap to relive that amazing moment in life.

So I created a lemon pepper flavored chicken with some veggies all mixed together with a side of sweet potato mash.

So let me tell you how exactly I did this.

Preparing The Sweet Potato Mash

So since preparing the sweet potato mash is probably going to take the longest time to cook it was the first thing I decided to work on.

I grabbed a couple of sweet potatoes and peeled them and then dipped them in some boiling water.

I left them there for a good 25-30 minutes or until they were soft enough that I could mush them around be able to turn it into sweet potato mash.

Prepping The Chicken

So first of I got some chicken breast and tenderized them a bit but massaging them and smacking them around so they could get a bit soft and be a lot more tender.

So once I finished tenderizing the chicken a bit I proceeded to dice up the chicken.

That way they would be in small little pieces and it be easier to fit in the wrap and to roll it up.

Prepping The Veggies

Once I had finished everything with the chicken it was time to begin working on the veggies.

It was a very simple process.

I grabbed some mushrooms and onions and I proceeded to dice them up too so they would fit well in the wrap.

Once I had all my mushrooms and onions diced up I mixed them up with the chicken.

Seasoning Time

Once everything was all mixed together I started to add the herbs and spices to it.

The main spice that I added was lemon pepper I sprinkled a generous amount all around the food.

I then continued to add some black pepper, adobo, and parsley.

I then mixed everything together to give it a nice coat.

Once everything was completely seasoned it was time to sauté it and cook it to perfection.

Marinating Chicken and Veggies

Saute it up

I turned on the stove and heated up the pan.

I added a bit of coconut oil in the pan just so the food wouldn’t stick to it you know.

Then once it was hot enough I threw the chicken and veggies on the stove and started cooking it.

And as soon as the food hit the pan you heard that delicious sizzling sound.

And because I love that sound so much it just gave me goosebumps and I knew it was going to be good.

So after about 10 minutes, it was fully cooked and I was ready to prepare the wrap.

Rolling up The Wrap

I laid the wrap flat on my counter.

I then decided to add a little bed of spinach as the base of the wrap.

After I spread a generous amount of the cooked chicken and veggies in the middle of the wrap.

I then proceeded to add some blue cheese to it.

This is optional if you want the cheese, but if you know whats good for you I definitely recommend this.



Once everything was all set in the middle I rolled it up.

Once it was rolled up I heated up a pan and place the wrap on it so I could toast it a bit and at the same time, it would help seal the wrap so it wouldn’t open up or anything like that.

Once it was nicely toasted evenly I removed it from the pan and cut them diagonally and it looked glorious.

Setting Up The Plate

So after I had everything completely finished I organized everything on the plate so it could look presentable and beautiful.

And let me tell you I fell in love with it.

It looked spectacular!

But don’t take my word for it.

Look at it yourself.

The picture doesn’t capture the natural glow the plate had but it does a really good job in demonstrating its true natural beauty.

Finished Plate

Finished Plate

Let me know what you think about this spectacular creation down in the comments.

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